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to cash machines in cyprus this weekend after word spread of the government's unprecedented plan to take money from personal bank accounts. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: to beat the government to their savings, many waited on long lines before finding themselves empty handed when atms ran out of cash. >> i plan to go to the bank and withdrawal all the money i have in there. i can't trust them anymore. it's theft. >> reporter: to help pay for the $13 billion european bailout, the government plans to take up to 10% from all savings accounts. >> you can't just take out of people's savings, can you? >> let's keep our cash. get it on a bet or something. >> reporter: they say it's sign on and pay up or go belly up. >> we want something that lasts, something durable and that will be sustainable. >> reporter: ahead of tuesday's vote, the president of cyprus held a meeting as a way to soften the blow for residents. >> we fully support the decision of the president of cyprus and their efforts to bring financial stability to cyprus. >> reporter: still, residents say they're furious about paying
? >>> overseas secretary of state john kerry delivered a blunt message to the government of iraq today. it was all about what's happening with syria and iran. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is with the secretary in baghdad. >> reporter: john kerry is the first secretary of state to come to iraq since hillary clinton in 2009. it's his first visit since he came as a senator at the height of the civil war in 2006. arriving today in secrecy, in the week when iraq saw some of its worst terrorist attacks in years to mark the tenth anniversary of the war. but kerry did not come primarily to discuss iraq. despite the smiles for the cameras, the secretary of state confronted iraq's prime minister maliki, accusing him of colluding with iran to prop up the assad regime by permitting almost daily weapons shipments from iran to syria through iraq's airspace. >> we had a very spirited discussion on the subject of the overflights. i made it very clear to the prime minister that the overflights from iran are in fact helping to sustain president assad. and his regime. >> repo
with the tour of the iron dome, which is the missile defense system that the u.s. government has actually funded a large part of. >> united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is within our fundamental national security interest to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous, and it makes the world a better place. >> reporter: the president's day is going to be heavy with meetings of israeli officials, the president, perez, prime minister netanyahu. the two of them will have a joint press conference where no doubt the lead topic news of the day in the region has to do with syria and chemical weapons. have they been used and who used them. israeli government officials confirming chemical weapons have been used. they are not sure who used them, the rebels or the assad regime. the united states government has confirmed any of that but we will hear from the president. he has talked about the use of chemical weapons as a red line when it comes to syria. president will overnight here. tomorrow heads to the west bank, next day to jordan and an
the government kept his schedule today, signing tough new gun legislation limiting ammunition and requiring buyers to pay for background checks, just hours after the beloved member of his cabinet was shot. >> he would have expected us to sign these bills and go forward today. that's the kind of man he was. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, nbc new, los angeles. >>> as we mentioned at the very top of the broadcast tonight the health news this evening is this. the number of children with autism in this country may be a lot higher than previously thought according to new research from the cdc. tonight our chief science correspondent robert bazell has a look at what's behind these new numbers. >> reporter: the latest numbers show that autism diagnoses have grown to the point where parents report that fully 1 in 50 school age children has autism. aiden myers was diagnosed two years ago. >> i think it's scary. i think that we obviously need to figure out what is going on. >> reporter: hello, aiden. how do you do? no one doubts aiden myers's diagnosis. he is clearly not terribly disabled. he was late
a crisis over a government shutdown. there was no crisis over potential debt limit, and government default earlier this year. could come back this summer but so long as it lasts, that's calming for the markets and good for the economy, and it may, lester, leave some space still for a compromise in which democrats would agree to changes in cuts in medicare and social security, and republicans would come up with a little bit more tax revenue, lester. >> all right, john harwood tonight, thank you. >>> president obama wrapped up his four-day visit to the middle east today, after helping israel and turkey end a three-year diplomatic dispute. that, in turn, will help the region deal with the civil war in syria. before he left today, the president turned his attention to the past, visiting jordan's ancient city of petra, one of the world's most celebrated archaeological sites. with the president on his way home, secretary of state john kerry remained in the region. we get more tonight from nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell. >> reporter: john kerry, with jordan's king abdu
more of a governing authority. that could all be done by any pope. >> the center of gravity changing, look at the mere fact of a pope from the americas and how many catholics are from latin america, some 40% of over a billion catholics in the world, anna, are latinos. and this is such a significant moment. when the church changes. >> huge, david. really, i can't talk about what it means for hispanics. there's a lot of rivalries between latin american countries. i can tell you we are all so thrilled at having a latin pope, we don't even mind he's argentinian. just wonderful to have a pope that is going to be able to relate to the americas that lived in political strife, that lived under the repression, that has seen what is going on in argentina, the poverty, the economic crisis, that can not only speak our language but can get our ladnguage, is one of us. i think you'll see him active on issues like immigration. you're going to see that the archbishops will be more active in that even though they have been active already. and like chris, i do hope to see more participation by women i
in response to last summer's theater shooting. >>> the government will be funded through the end of september reducing the likelihood of a shutdown. there's another vote in house today where it's expected to win approval. >>> rand paul favors path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >>> and new york mayor michael bloomberg is setting his sites on cigarettes in hoping of getting them out of sight. a new plan from the mayor calls on stores to keep cigarettes hidden. >>> turning to health news the spring allergy season is early this year. allergists are warning sufferers not to wait until you get itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. it's harder to stop the allergic reactions once they started. instead, stay ahead of the game. keep pollen at bay but keeping windows closed, and wash your hair after you have been outside. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by vagisil. bring yourselves back. >>> fears led stocks on a wild ride to finish at their worst losses in three weeks. the fallout could have been worse. global markets were spooked busy bruise planning to tax investors. >>>
their clients. i think last year 78,000 times the government found reasons to deny people a permit to get a gun based on either they were criminals or they had mental problems. if that doesn't tell you that this is a real problem but good checks can really do something, i don't know what would. >> let me ask you about in new york the nra has failed a suit to try to defeat some of these gun control measures which are more robust than what the federal government is talk iing about within the states that are about magazines, background checks and assault weapons. how do you react to that? >> well, anybody has the right to go to court and sue over anything. and in new york lots of people do that every single day. but the supreme court, which is the one that interprets what the constitution actually means and says, has said clearly that reasonable background checks are consistent with the second amendment. that's what in the end is going to stop all of these other suits. if the laws that they are trying to contest are consistent with that, they won't get very far. >> one more on this. you made it ve
mateo dog owner filing a half million dollar lawsuit against the federal government after the park ranger tasered him for letting his pet run off leash. you may remember this, the man was detained for not having the dog on the leash, the running trail he was on was part of the golden gate national recreation area which requires the dogs to be on a leash. the accusations went further aft. the district attorney decided not to prosecute. >>> and an alameda county judge accused of stealing more than a million from an elderly neighbor resigned. just paul seeman was accused of stealing $1.6 million from an elderly neighbor in the hills for a 13-year period. prosecutors say he befriended the woman and handled her finances after her husband died in 1999. his attorney says resigning is what is best for the good of the court. a preliminary hearing is set for april 18th. >>> two long-term and well-own attorneys are accused of breaking the law. brooks and reid illegally interfered with the bidding process on a major construction contract. t turner's vice president has close ties with brooks an
not confirmed. both sides, the rebels and the government are trading accusations. u.s. officials are trying to determine if chemical weapons were even used. if they were, it could be a tipping point and trigger deeper u.s. involvement. brian? >> richard engel in israel prior to the president's arrival there. richard, thanks. >>> now we turn to the vatican. a remarkable scene today in st. peter's square. pope francis, celebrating his inaugural mass, was out and about in the crowd, kissing babies, hugging the faithful, issuing a call to action, signaling a new emphasis for the church. nbc's anne thompson was there. in fact, anne, you got caught up in it briefly this morning. >> reporter: we did, indeed, brian. and, in fact, by vatican standards this was a much simpler ceremony and certainly one that was much shorter. an hour less than benedict's mass eight years ago. another change in style revealing more about this pope named francis. today pope francis preached with action as well as words. climbing out of his open air jeep to bless a disabled man, stopping to kiss children, and urging the
differences. both sides agreed on a resolution to keep the government running through september. lawmakers found enough money to stop furloughs in the armed services, border patrol and meat inspectors. but many people who work for the government are getting ready for serious belt tightening. the faa is shutting down 149 air traffic control towers at small airports. in richmond, virginia civilians protested the cuts, cuts no one seems to like but no one is able to stop. brian mooar, nbc news, >>> president obama just returned to the u.s. after wrapping up a trip to the middle east. he visited jordan before departing from ahman. jordan was the last stop on the first-day trip to israel and palestinian territories. >>> and coming up next at 6:00 the controversial decision to reopen a racetrack a week after a crash took the lives of two people. why officials say they had no choice. >>> after a mild day in the bay area we are talking about temperatures that will be similar tomorrow. 70s in the forecast. but there is rain ahead. a series of storms we are watching that will offer much-needed rain.
weapons and fighters to support the syrian government. iran and iraq have claimed the flights are for humanitarian purposes. >>> the debate over same-sex marriage is headed for the supreme court this week, in not one but two cases. one of those cases is california's prop 8, of course. the other is based on whether the federal government can refuse to recognize same-sex marriages in states where they are legal. nbc bay area's brian mooar has this preview. >> reporter: people have been camping outside the supreme court for days to witness history, as the justices take on the first-ever cases, dealing with same-sex marriage. >> marriage equality! >> reporter: on tuesday, the court will hear a challenge to california's proposition 8, which defined marriage as one man, one woman. >> if there was no evidence, none, that allowing gays and lesbians to marry harms the institution of marriage or harms anyone else. >> reporter: the justices could decide whether any state can ban same-sex marriage or simply limit the case to california. >> the last thing we need is to shut down the debate
is california's prop 8. the other is whether the federal government can refuse to recognize same sex marriages in states where they are legal. brian moore has this preview. >> reporter: people have been camping outside the supreme court for days to witness history. as the justices take on the first ever cases dealing with same sex marriage. >> marriage equality! >> reporter: on tuesday, the court will hear a challenge to california's proposition 8, which defined marriage as one man, one woman. >> if there was no evidence, none, that allowing gays and lesbians to marry harms the institution of marriage or harms anyone else. >> reporter: the justices could decide if any state can ban same sex marriage of simply limit the case to california. >> the last thing we need is to shut down the debate, have the supreme court redefine marriage for everybody. >> reporter: on wednesday, the court considers the defense of marriage act, which denies an array of benefits. when her spouse died, her irs sent a $363,000 bill and rep fused to recognize her marriage. >> i couldn't believe that they were making a st
government can refuse to recognize married same-sex couples. daniel lee on capitol hill where people are already lining up for a seat in the court. >> reporter: people camping outside the supreme court bundled up, are waking up covered in snow. they have been waiting for days for a chance to see whether justices will strike down the laws limiting the rights of same-sex marriage. >> we're not right to redefine or topple the institution, we're out to be a part of it. >> reporter: one of two couples challenging proposition 8 banning gay marriage. >> to exclude them is to restrict their liberty under the constitution. >> reporter: defenders of proposition 8 say the federal government should leave the definition of marriage up to individual states. nine states now allow same-sex marriage along with washington, d.c. 38 others ban it. >> the institution of marriage and marriage laws are designed to attach mothers and fathers to each other and the children they may create and raise in the best environment. >> reporter: the second case challenges defense of marriage act, blocks federal recogn
by the federal government or california. the supreme court ruling on both proposition 8 and federal defense of marriage act means everything to them. >> all we're asking for is the same rights. >> reporter: the defense of marriage organization continues to say that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. many of those supporters are in washington, d.c. tonight. we'll hear more from them coming up at 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we'll be updating our website tomorrow with the latest information on the supreme court argument and in a very rare move, the court is expected to release audio of the hearing after arguments have wrapped up. we'll post that on >>> the family of a bay area marine killed at a military base in virginia is sharing their grief tonight. she was shot and killed thursday. military officials say that a 25-year-old sergeant opened fire and another marine before he turned the gun on himself. her sister says the family is devastated by her loss. they say she was the shining star of the family. she joine
to the sequester cuts by the federal government which slashed about $600 million from the faa. the affected towers will be at airports with fewer than 150,000 flights or 10,000 commercial operations per year. control towers in napa, concord, livermore, stockton and santa rosa are all on the list of possible closures. >>> it is the eternal quest. now palo alto city council looking for a solution to the city's parking problem. residents say it's reached a saturation point and things are about to get worse as the new downtown development continues. according to enforcement, the palo alto city council will look at additional proposal, including permits at city garages. they will consider a valet program at another garage putting parking restrictions in residential neighborhoods and building a brand-new parking structure. >> i had lunch in palo alto, come to think of it, on friday. we were able to sit outside. today we can do that but probably not tomorrow. >> lucky you. her and zuckerberg, right? >> roll with it. >> we have a good day shaping up. marla is right, rain coming in. outdoor lunch plans on
before the government takes it away. we'll show you what's sending shock waves across the world. >>> 10 states about to get hit just 40 hours before the start of spring. >>> a big break in an infamous cold case. the largest art heist in history, half a billion dollars worth. tonight the public appeal from the fbi. that and tonight's monthly making a difference report. nightly ne "nbc nightly news" begins you now. >>> it appears we came very close to having to come on the air with a special report about the latest mass casualty disaster on a major college campus. this time it was on the sprawling campus of the university of central florida in orlando. police say a student was heavily armed with homemade explosives and an assault weapon. they say he had a plan of attack which he had initiated, but thankfully apparently someone saw something and said something, and tonight a huge tragedy has apparently been averted. nbc's mark potter starts us off from there tonight. >> it was shortly after midnight when the tara i dorm after midnight was evacuated. police received a 911 call followed by a
for you. the senate has given final approval to a spending bill to keep the government operating through september. it passed with bipartisan support and now heads to the house for consideration. >>> a $150 million plan by the pentagon to overhaul guantanamo bay is drawing stark criticism. the proposed makeover for the detention facility will include a new dining hall, hospital and barracks for guards. it comes as protests from detainees are on the rise with hunger strikes tripling in the last two weeks. >>> south korea believes china is behind a recent cyber attack. after officials say the breach originated from a chinese ip address. the attacks wednesday brought down network servers of tv stations and computer software of two major banks. >>> photos released of the seven marines killed this week a mortar exploded during a training exercise in nevada. the men range in age from 19 to 26. men range in age from 19 to one of them enlisted less than a year ago and six were veterans of the war in afghanistan. >>> the american academy of pediatrics is throwing its support behind same sex marri
residents to coverage. if states don't act the federal government will step in. >>> there is a bill legalizing same sex civil unions that makes colorado the 18th state to allow some form of unions for same sex couples. >>> talk about being in the right place at the right time. a man in australia saved the life of a 2-year-old girl when he performed cpr on her at a supermarket. the baby's mother screamed for help when the toddler stopped breathing in the checkout lane. thankfully he was there. if you are feeling lucky this weekend you have time to pick up the winning powerball ticket before saturday night's drawing. i have to get mine. the jackpot is now $320 million. the sixth highest in powerball history and it is expected to grow. if you opt to take the lump sum, which i will when i win, you could walk away with just under $200 million. that's a nice thought. >>> speaking of money, good news and bad as investors head for the final trading day of the week. major indexes posted biggest losses in over three weeks thursday. for the month, all three major u.s. markets are up about 2%.
. wednesday's case is a challenge to doma, the defense of marriage act. it blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in the states where they are legal. after first defending the law, the obama administration switched sides and now says it's unconstitutional. both these cases come to the court in a political climate that's very different from what it was just four years ago when prop 8 was passed. janelle, raj. >> thanks, pete. >>> a bay area boy is now getting worldwide attention after preparing his own argument in favor of same-sex marriage and then sending it to the nation's highest court. 12-year-old daniel sent a letter to supreme court chief justice john roberts about next week's case. even though daniel and his sister have two dads, daniel feels he has a lot in common with the chief justice, who has two adopted children of his own. before mailing his letter to roberts, daniel read it on youtube with hopes of reaching all the justices. >> you and i both know that family goes deeper than blood. i was lucky to be adopted by two guys i can both call dad. >> it's nev
ways they can do that. they can say federal government has no business by mandating what a marriage is or there are libertarian ways they can argue it. i would be surprised if they didn't find a way to go through this without offending the growing number of people including republicans who think this is a right that people have. chris: kathleen. >> well, i think the court is more concerned about not appearing to be this elected legislative body when it comes to public opinion. there is a good chance that they will be able to, that same-sex marriage proponents will get a win without the court having to make big constitutional adjustments. chris: helene. >> i think in much of the same way that we have seen conservatives like bob portman, dick chaney come around on same-sex issues because they have people who are close to them who are gay. this isn't going to come out in the supreme court decision, but i think the court is moving in that direction as well. i think you're going to see them going -- chris: anthony kennedy is the tiebreaker on this. >> he is. in some cases involving gay r
of a deadly chemical attack. the syrian government and rebels both blaming each other. the white house is looking into the report. if it is true it would be quote a grave violation of international law. >>> president obama is on his way to israel tonight for his first trip there since being elected in 2008. there are low expectations that the visit will produce anything fruitful. president obama will also visit the west bank and jordan during his three-day trip. >>> just off the west bank, rough seas continue for the island country of cyprus. today the parliament rejected a condition of the bailout package. it would allow the government to take a small percentage of people's savings accounts to pay for the country's debt. it is back to the drawing board for the president to devise a new plan. >>> hundreds of thousands of people poured into st. peter's square today for the inaugural mass of pope francis i. dignit arys travelled to the vatican to be part of today's service. jay gray has been following the election and the fest tivities. we have been talking a lot about the style and now
in smoldering fires. it's called a photoelectric detector. and even government tests show it goes off much sooner in smoky fires. watch what happens when dr. russell sets up another demonstration, this time with a photoelectric next to those three ionization detectors. with barely any smoke in the room, 17 minutes in, the photoelectric sounds the alarm. >> the photoelectric is telling us you've got a fire, get up, solve the problem, get out of the house. >> reporter: as more time passes, toxic smoke is overtaking the room. in fact, it takes another 21 minutes before any ionization detectors go off. the firefighters at the testing facility are stunned. >> i was thinking about if that was my own family and my kids trying to get out in that. and if i would have relied on the ionization, my family probably wouldn't make it out. >> reporter: photoelectric technology has been around for decades. and while the leading smoke detector companies do make photoelectric alarms, they still make most of their products without that technology. >> i think it's probably a business decision. >> reporter: the
iranian jets are fighting weapons and fighters to support the syrian government. iran and iraq claim the flights are for humanitarian purpose. >>> an italian court is set to decide tomorrow whether to overturn the acquittals of knox and her boyfriend. they were cleared of the murder of meredith kercher back in 2011. nbc's duncan gulstani has more from england. >> reporter: tomorrow amanda knox will find out if she must once again sit in an italian courtroom, or whether her long-running case is closed for good. it's more than a year and a half since the 25-year-old was able to return home a free woman. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. >> reporter: after four years in prison, she and boyfriend raffaele sollecito had their convictions overturned. but now italy's highest court is set to decide if their acquittal should be rejected. prosecutors in the italian town of perugia wants a whole new trial. >> the prosecutors obviously are upset with the acquittal, and they're going to the supreme court to have it reviewed to say that the appellate court got it wrong, and that the guilty char
with members of the new israeli government, palestinian and king of jordan while on the trip. prior to leaving the white house, president obama will meet with the leaders of northern ireland. >> call this one the battle of the tech titans, samsung taking on apple in another venue this morning. reports are the asian tech companies working on a wristwatch that works a lot like a smartphone. if that sounds familiar, you're correct. just last month rumors started flying apple was working on a wristwatch that would perform the same functions as the iphone and ipad. at this point there's no word on how much either of the items would cost. this just the latest venue in which samsung is going directly, head to head, against apple. just last week samsung unveiling galaxy s4 newest competition for iphone. >> normally it doesn't react but galaxy s4 seems to have the cupertino company scared. right after they created a why iphone site to tell people why iphone is the best choice. the site includes 12 reasons the iphone is better including a camera, siri and the icloud. just before samsung's release, an ap
down the government. i think that's helpful. we've had economic data come out for quite a while now showing that we have a resilient economy that is growing. >> retail sales were growing. they came in better than expected for the month of february, rising 1.1%, the best numbers since september. analysts were concerned about the impact of gasoline prices and the increase in the payroll tax for us, but consumers are still spending money. important because that makes up about 70% of america's economic growth. and if you're looking for something new to buy, samsung will be happy to oblige. introducing its new galaxy 4 smartphone this week. the phone features a five-inch screen, a larger battery and a screen you don't have to touch, but just hover your fingers over. samsung is apple's main competition in the smartphone market. >>> well, the markets setting new records almost every day, and the federal reserve meeting next week, what could happen next and what should you do with your money? joining me right now to talk than, randy kroszner is the former federal reserve governor and curren
of these other policy issues, like the government shutdown, which seems to be out -- not a problem right now. the debt ceiling. so we only have one out-perform rating right now, which is technology. that's been a long-standing outperform for us. one underperform was consumer discretionary which is the potential for problems because of the tax increases. it turns out it's not having the impact on consumer spending as a lot of people thought. >> great advice. thank you so much. great to you on the prom. liz ann sonders and heidi moore joining me. up next, we're on the money. what is starbucks' recipe for success? my conversation with the company's founder and ceo about how he wants to do for tea what he has done for coffee. >>> and how health care may not be so healthy a business. >>> and later, talking tough on the smartphone market. can a new phone from a glass economy not so far away take a bite out of apple? what innovation means for your personal technology use, as we take a look at how the stock market ended for the week. back in a moment. >>> welcome back. president obama pushing for an
and government, secret service -- they were all there and they loved it. they were applauding during the movie. >> what did they tell you afterwards, they appreciated the authenticity? >> they appreciated how provocative it was. they also found it very entertaining. the thing about the movie at the end of the day, it makes you so patriotic. and all of these journeys of the heroes and the idea is basically how a country -- it made me feel, no matter what, if they throw their worst at us at the end of the day, we'll make it through. >> you're a scotsman who is an american hero. >> yeah. >> how does it feel? >> to play any kind of hero, i'm not a hero in my real life, so okay, i'll do it in movies. >> how is the rest of your life, by the way? the other parts of it? >> do you sing in the shower? >> i do sing in the shower. >> you're a darn good singer. >> i never had a singing lesson before the opera, it was shower singing and then i had to go for a singing lesson. before i sang for andrew lloyd weber. i said i'm going to sing "music of the night" i said if i'm going to make a fool of myself. tell
that she supported civil unions but not gay marriage. >>> with a potential government shutdown looming later this month, the white house may have to cancel its annual easter egg roll. kristen welker has more. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. the 135th annual easter egg roll is scheduled for april 1st. on friday, the white house sent out a memo to members of congress and other ticketholders warning that if there is a government shutdown, the event could be canceled. here's part of that memo. by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the executive office of the president and other federal agencies. if canceled, the event will not be rescheduled. this comes on the heels of the white house cancelling tours here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue due to the sequester. those deep across the board spending cuts that congress failed to avert. white house officials say they are not expecting the easter egg roll to be canceled. they are planning to move forward with it as planned because the
keep the government up and running through the end of september, but it would still mean job furloughs for some hundreds of thousands of federal workers, including air traffic controllers in smaller facilities nationwide. the measure passed the senate on wednesday. >>> and if sharing is caring, well, this guy isn't scoring any high points with his girlfriend. as caught on a fan cam at the magic versus pacers game earlier this week. watch as she tries to grab a bite of his ice cream cone. she gets denied. the announcers notice her losing her patience. circling her angry reactions, even giving the play-by-play on live tv. but finally, he gives in and lets her have a bite. no word on whether or not she showed good humor. >> that's bad. that's bad. >> hey, i didn't write it, i just read it. >> feeling the deep freeze at home later. >> speaking of the deep freeze, nice segue. when al is here on the first full day of spring, he often brings real warm weather. it's cold and it's spring. >> it is. last year it was like 70 degrees on the first day of spring. so i'm not doing so hot. but i looke
with the netanyahu government. they've not always had a great relationship, but that relationship is very strong country to country, no matter who the leader is, and it's particularly important because of the issue of iran and syria. no doubt, the obama white house will have to be dealing with. >> he is back wanting to deal with domestic issues including gun control. after sandy hook we all understood there was a narrow window to get change, meaningful change in terms of gun laws. what has happened now in terms of the assault weapons ban, and where all this goes? >> well, the question is whether the moment is effectively lost. i think that's a real question inside the white house among democrats and gun control supporters. the assault weapons ban will get a vote, but it's not going to pass. the big focus is on background checks, and the big political focus is not going away. i sat down with new york city mayor michael bloomberg who talked about his own big push to spend money to target lawmakers. he has taken names based on how they vote on the assault weapons ban. >> i think i have a responsibi
abdullah, on the docket the middle east peace process. >>> the government will stay up and running through september, but some $85 billion in spending cuts have put hundreds of thousands of government workers on temporary furloughs. thursday night the house passed the spending authorization that now heads to the president for his signature. >>> it turns out our universe is much older than we previously thought. about 100 million years older, in fact. scien tipss investigating leftover radiation from the big bang made the finding using new data from the european space agency's plank spacecraft. >>> and now let's head to wall street, cnbc's kayla tausche is at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good friday morning. all eyes or on cyprus. the country has until monday to raise billions of dollars for a bailout. lawmakers are trying to figure out how the tiny country can stay in the european union. >>> friday the new blackberry debut, the performance of companies like red lobster, parent darden. >> kayla tausche, thank you. >>> some rare march madness buzz for a school that doesn't usual
, because israeli government officials say chemical weapons have been used in that syrian conflict. u.s. officials have not said that. we'll be curious to hear what the president has to say about it. >> lots to watch in jerusalem this morning. chuck todd, thank you. and stay with nbc news, we'll have complete coverage of the president's trip to the middle east. and now here's hoda. >>> we have new information on a chilling plot to attack students at the university of central florida. police believe they closed in on a suspect just before he was set to go on a shooting spree and this morning for the first time we are hearing the 911 call that helped stop it. nbc's mark potter is in miami with more. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. police say they still cannot explain why the man had weapons and explosives in his college dorm room, a situation they were made aware of by a 911 call from his roommate. >> the fire alarm went off. i opened the door to see what was going on, and he's there with like some sort of like gun, like large assault gun. >> reporter: alerted by th
and defense of marriage act that blocks the federal government from recognizing it but for the people at the heart of the case, it is simple. they just want to get married. this couple has been together 13 years and raised four boys now ages 18 to 24. what they most want to be is married. >> we love each other. we are a family. we want to experience the same societial acceptance. >> along with a gay couple who says proposition 8 passed by voters in 2008 to stop same-sex marriage in the state is unconstitutional. >> the state is excluding people based on who they are, based on sexual orientation from an incredibly important institution in this country for no good reason. >> reporter: prop 8 defenders say allowing same-sex couples to wed could weaken the institution of marriage. >> it is difficult for americans and our public policy and culture to emphasize the fact that mothers and fathers are necessary when the law says they are optional. >> reporter: an 83-year-old widow from new york is challenging another law, the defense of marriage act. it blocks federal recognition of same-sex c
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